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Jaden Smith Reveals About Sofia Richie Romance Rumours Are Not True After Spotted on a Beach

Jaden Smith is an American actor ,rapper,singer .We have seen Smith with his father in the film of 2006 ‘the pursuit of happyness ‘And Sofia Richie is a famous American model.

What Is the Rumor ?

Jaden Smith was seen with Sofia Richie on a beach and they were spending their weekend and having fun, so rumours started wandering all around about their  romance at the beach after seeing the couple holding hands .

What Jaden Smith Has Said About the Rumor ?

The actor has said in an interview that they are just old friends and there is no romance between them .Smith also said that they are friends from 10 years and they used to go to the beach from the last 10 years over labour day weekend .

The actor seems to act flirty but she is not dating anyone.But she was looking very happy with Smith and was enjoying the time with Smith.She has been splitted with Tv star Scott Disick .Sofia really tried for their relationship to work but it didn’t work .

After the split up ,she celebrated her 22nd birthday with her friends and family who were showering so much love and support towards her to get distracted from her split up .Scott has 3 children from his ex wife ,and after two years of their split up he started dating Richie .

They both were acting like a relationship couple as Smith embraced her and she was having a big smile on her face .But they don’t share a relationship other than friends because they have different priorities in their life .

She just loves hanging out with friends ,having dinners outside .She is just enjoying her summer and she lives in Malibu with friends .

Anyone can be surprised on seeing her with Smith like that ,as the way in which  she was spending time with Smith ,anyone can be misunderstood.

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