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Jaden Smith Is All Well, Says Various Sources.

From few weeks, a rumour has been going on regarding Jaden Smith’s health condition. Jaden Smith is popular rapper, singer, actor as well as songwriter. The rumors are that Jaden Smith’s health condition is not well and he is in a critical situation because of Malnutrition. Also, he has been doing drugs and is stuck with drug addiction. However, whenever he was seen in public previously, he was observed having pale-grey color because of not having enough nutrition.
It is known that Jaden is completely vegan, means he doesn’t take meat,eggs or even cheese or honey. When somebody is following a vegan diet, he doesn’t get enough nutrients and healthy diet. One can develop various deficiencies because of this reason. There are so many nutrients that a vegan don’t get because of his diet.
We got to know from various sources that Jaden Smith and Jada Smith have kept a nutritionist for their son and they are very careful regarding this. Jaden Smith has struggled various deficiencies like Omega 3, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency in past. Jaden Smith is really strong and knows how to handle everything with courage and strong emotions.
It’s that he is currently well but has struggled from so many problems because of the vegan diet. So now, he and Jada Smith have hired nutritionist in order to keep a track on his as well as his son’s diet.
All the fans of Jaden smith prays for his long life and health. His fans want him to produce more amazing songs as well as raps. Everybody is waiting for him to get well and start writing songs again. He is lucky to have such blessings and love from so many fans. We all pray a happy life to his family as well as him.
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