Jadah Marie is working with director Kenny Ortega and she says that she is honored to work with him again


Jadah Marie is a 15 year old American actress. She was born on 2nd June, 2005, in Fontana, California, United States. She has appeared in movies and shows like Descendants 3, Baslat : Ready Player One and Julie and the Phantoms. She has received stardom at a young age. Jadah Marie has also started her own music career side by side. Julie and the Phantoms is a new Netflix show which was released last month. The viewers have seemed to enjoy the show. Julie and the phantoms is a musical show.

The show is directed by Kenny Ortega. Kenny Ortega has casted Jadah Marie in the show. Her characters’s name is Flynn. Jadah Marie said she is ‘honored’ to work with him again. She said “Getting a chance to work with him is amazing. He is a legend. I’m so honored to have the opportunity.” She also added “Directing Descendants and Julie and the Phantoms is so much fun because he’s so generous and so nice. I feel so comfortable with him being my director.” Jadah Marie has worked with director Kenny Ortega before.

Jadah Marie fans were so excited to watch her on screen again. Did you know Jadah Marie wants to be a lawyer. She said she finds that firm really interesting.

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Kenny Ortega has directed quite a few movies like, Hocus Pocus, High School Musical, Dirty Dancing, The News Boys, Descendants, Descendants 2, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Descendants 3, Legally Mad, A change of heart, The Cheetah Girls 2, High School Musical 2, The Rocky Horror Picture show, In the heights, Dome Project and many more. So many people have enjoyed working with Kenny Ortega.

Jadah Marie started her music career during the corona virus situation, which is still going on. Julie and the Phantoms was aired on Netflix, last month on 18th September, 2020.