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Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Marriage Here Some Details What They Are Thinking

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith hogg the limelight wherever they go. They are truly an absolute power couple- there are no two ways about the statement. They have been together for a long period of time and have been a true epitome of faithful marriage in this volatile industry of Hollywood. When many of Will’s contemporaries have separated and divorced for a multiple numbers of times, Jada and Will have been through thick and thin and have still maintained the same amount of grace and poise in their relationship. However, in a recent interview, both Will and Jada opened about a difficult phase in their marriage.

What Incident Did Will Smith Reveal?

Will said that he and Jada had been together for a long period of time. Their love story has been one of the most well-documented ones in recent memory. The couple got married in 1997 and then had two kids Jayden, 21 and Willow, 19. However recently Jada started a talk show of her own which was called Red Table Talk. There Will spoke about a fractious time in their relationship. He said that was about 4 years ago that he decided to part ways with Jada. Due to some internal conflicts with the marriage, he had almost made up his mind about taking a break and getting a divorce from her beloved wife.

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What Did Jada Pinkett Smith Say?

Jada revealed that it was a very tumultuous period of time in their marriage. It was then that she realized that marriage isn’t just all about love. It’s about keeping faith in each other and trusting each other’s companionship. She said that it was not a bed of roses and misunderstanding and misconceptions were a major part of any sort of romantic relationship. She thought that they would never ever be able to get together with Will after some time. But now they are in a completely stable state and have learned their lessons about handling the problems in their life in a more systematic manner. The deep understanding of the concept of love is one of the prime indicators of a healthy and sound relationship. Jada also said that during this period she was involved in a romantic relationship with August Alsina.

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How Did Will and Jada Come Together Again?

Will quoted a line from one of his movies that read that they ride together and die together. They had decided to sort out their conflicts and move on with their individual lives.

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