Jackie Chan birthday and all you need to know about his net worth in 2020

Today is the birthday of an actor who is also a stuntman, producer and director of films. Besides, a singer, philanthropist, and a martial artist and anyone can recognise that its one and only Jackie Chan. Jackie, who started his work as a stunt man, is known worldwide today as a great actor. Jackie has done more than 200 films, and he holds the record for the most number of the stunt performed by an artist.

About His Early Life:

Jackie Chan is the son of Charles and Lee-Lee Chan and was born on 7 April 1954 in Hong Kong, and he spent his childhood in Hong Kong. He completed his primary schooling from Naw-Hwa primary school and then he went to Peking Opera School, which is China Drama Academy. During this time he did his decade long training in martial arts and acrobatics. Then he went to Canberra Australia, where he started studying at Dickson College and also worked as a part-time construction worker.

About His Personal Life:

He married a Taiwanese actress Joan Lin with whom he has his son Jayce Chan who is an actor and singer. He also has a daughter named Elaine Ng Yi-Lei who is an actor and a singer though she is not from his first wife and as a result of his extramarital affair.

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His Career:

He started his career as a child actor at the age of 5 and featured in movie Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. Before joining college he did two more movies Love Eterne and Little Tiger of Canton. After completing his college studies, he returned to Hong Kong and appeared in two films, but they were a flop. He gained his popularity from the film Drunken Master and Eagle’s Shadow, which was a kick-off for his successful career. He got a break in Hollywood with the movie The Big Brawl, and since then he left his mark on Hollywood.

His awards and achievements:

He got in a total of 28 awards and 34 nominations for his work as an actor. His award count includes Hong Kong Avenue of Stars, Hollywood Walk of Fame, MBE, SBS, PMW, Honorary Oscar award, 5 Hong Kong Film Awards and many more.

His Net worth:

His net worth stands at $450 million. He stands at 5th position in the list of the highest-earning actor with an earning of around $49 million. His maximum earning comes from his acting in films, and also his music has primarily contributed to his wealth. He has also received a lot from the endorsement deals with companies like Mitsubishi Motors.