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iZombie Season 6 Canceled Are the Directors Has a Plan to Release Date of the Amazing Show

Vampires and Zombies have always been a topic of lively discussion. For filmmakers, it has been an intriguing subject to meddle with. Some of the cult zombie and vampire movies and series include Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Walking Dead. Along with them, another major series that has made headlines with its zombie theme is Izombie. With a well-written plot and unusually interesting storyline, the show has slowly but steadily earned a lot of admirers. The fifth season of the show recently aired on the online platforms. Since then there have been whispers for a sixth season. Some details regarding the sixth season are available as follows.

Izombie Season 6: Is Season 6 Happening?

Season 5 of the show was extremely well-acclaimed and hit one. With a perfect finale, it drew more attention from the fans. A final conclusion to the Seattle battle took place where some of the main characters survived. We thought we had to let go with the death of some of our beloved characters as well. Liv, the brain-eating zombie’s fate was revealed at the end of Season 5. As along with her many other characters were given the perfect closure in the finale. But the revenue generated by this show was not enough to satisfy the producing heads. Although it was quite critically acclaimed, it never had any semblance to the kind of success that an Arrow or a Flash had. Thus they decided that Season 5 would be the perfect ending to the story. No season 6 is scheduled for the following year. It was decided in 2018 that Season 5 for the show would be the last one.

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Izombie Season 6: What Would Have Been the Plot?

If there would have been a Season 6 there are some loose ends which could have been brought to a conclusion. Like what happened to Liv and Major after the Seattle apocalypse? How did the manage to survive and flee off to the island, persuading others to go with them. Flashbacks take place where we see our favorite characters holding important portfolios. More could have been discovered in that regard.

Izombie Season 6: Cast Details

A Season 6 probability could have brought about the same cast member list. Rose McIver would have played the character of Liv Moore. The characters of Blaine, Major and Angus could have been reprised in this season.