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Italy president “Giuseppe Conte” is crying over corona virus? Is totally fake!!

As you know the world is suffering from a virus know as the corona virus or you can say covid 19. With the virus much fake news are also spreading in the world, some days ago there is a news viral that the president of Italy Giuseppe Conte is crying because of the corona virus and by this news the people of Italy are also stressing. As many people are already died in Italy, the condition of Italy is become badly to worst. People are not going out of their house, many people are died and many are diagnose from the covid 19.

Doctors and the government are trying their best to save everyone and help their people but because of the news that the president is crying the people of Italy are in a great stress. As the people of a country is always depend on their president and if president cried this means the situation is out of control of their hand and that’s why the people of Italy are stressing over this fake news.

After all this the Italy president has called for the calm between the people of Italy. He said that they to stop panicking and be calm, he also said that the news about his crying is totally fake and after this news the people of Italy are relaxed somehow and clam themselves.

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