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Italians Throw Their Money on Streets Due to Coronavirus?


Italians threw their money on the streets Due to Coronavirus


This viral picture is old from Venezuela this is not related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fact Check Of Viral Images

As you all know what happened in Italy. the number of infected peoples is increasing day by day from coronavirus.

Here are the new images that are viral on every social media a Facebook user named “Manish Dhawan” shared an image with a caption write with an image. “Italians threw their money on the streets”

As the coronavirus is spreading all over the world there are also much news which are spreading with it.

Nowadays, there are many pictures going viral on social media which shows that people of Italy throw all their money on the streets of Italy due to coronavirus.

In this article, we will found out that this news about Italy is true or not!!!

The social media pictures show the Italians are throwing their money on the street as everyone knows that the death rate of people of Italy is increasing day by day due to coronavirus and also many people are infected from this.

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News about throwing money shows that the people of Italy are throwing their money because they are so upset because of the death of their loved ones and they cannot find the money useful from them now.

These pictures and news are going viral on every social media platform. But now this is confirmed that this news is totally fake and it is confirmed by AFWA.

This pictures are from Venezuela and not from Italy, while it is 1 year old and not from this year. Many people are panicking of this news and it is shared by many people at the social media platform but now it is confirmed that this news is totally fake so it put a full stop on the sharing of this fake news.

The truth of these pictures is that they are from Venezuela and people throw the notes on the streets because they are old currency and incidents occur before the COVID 19. Well the COVID 19 is spreading very fast in Italy and many people are infected from this but people need to understand that in this type of situation sharing the fake news is not the right thing.