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Is There Any News For Firefly Lane When It Will Come On Netflix

Netflix demands for a new series named ‘Firefly Lane’. Firefly lane is a novel written by Kristin Hannah. The book having 496 pages was first published on January 2009. The author of this book writes a story about a girl named Kate Mularkey who shifts to a new place and finds a girl Tully. She suddenly wants to become friends with Tully. The story of year 1974 shows that both girls become best of friends who stay with each other for around 30 years.

After much time, Tully moves To Firefly Lane with her mother. In few chapters of the book, it is revealed that Tully attends a high school party and gets raped there. Her oldest best friend Kate Mularkey supports her. After some time, Tully returns to her grandmother. During few years of their separation, they write letters to each other in order to stay in touch. After that, girls go to college and Tully shows interest in becoming a journalist and Kate finds her more interested in writing, finding love and settling down than journalism.

The remaining story has shown lives of two girls when they grow up. When they find jobs and when they marry and settle down. After they become adults and grow up from being kids.

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Netflix Orders To Make Series On Firefly Lane

From so many sources, it has been that a series would be made on this book Firefly Lane. The upcoming American show is developed by Maggie Friedman. It would be starring Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett and Yael Yurman.

Katherine Heigl would play the role of Tully Hart, Ali Skovbye as Young Tully. Sarah Chalke would be shown as Kate Mularkey, Roan Curtis as Young Kate. Ben Lawson as Ryan, Beau Garrett as Cloud and Yael Yurman as Marah.

The upcoming series would be really interesting to watch as the novel itself had received so much of love. The series would be a good option to watch the entire novel. Netflixers are waiting for the brand new series now.