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Is There Any Confirmation From Riot Games Regarding Release Date for Valorant

What Are Riot Games

Riot game is an video game developer and publisher in Los Angeles.This company basically focuses on games which are already released in order to bring specific modifications in the existing game and let the payers a real life gaming experience.It has approximately more then 2500 members connected with it , with more than 20 offices globally.

This company was founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Meerril in september, 2006.The CEO and CFO are Nicolo Laurant and Dylan Jadeja respectively.This company is best known for a online battle ground called League Of Legends, apart from this it has multiple creations including Teamfight Tactics, Volaront, League of Runeterra and League Of Legends:Wild Rift.All the above mentioned games had experienced a quite positive response from the players.

Various Platforms on Which the Games Are Developed

The League Of Legend was developed in the year 3009 and it was made available on microsoft windows and macOS followed by Teamfight Tactics developed in 2019, which is an auto battle  game available on Andriod , iOS,macOS and microsoft windows and in the run we have League Of Legends:Wild Rift available on Android. iOS including consoles as well.Volarant is still in the count as it is based on first person shooter which will soon be launched anytime soon in 2020.

Esports Also on the List

The company develops various esports games as well including League Of Legends Championship series featuring North America and Europe,Mid Season Invitational championhip is included as well.This company had indeed increased the growth of Esports among players.It has it’s contribution in selling merchandise and sponsership of various esports as well.

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Volarant Is Arriving Soon

To all the players who are just crazy behind riot games, get ready to fasten your seat belts as your car is all ready to launch Volarant, a multiplayer game based on first person shooter.This will probably release in the between may-june in the present year, 2020.The director of this amazing game include Joe Ziegler which will be available on microsoft windows.So, let’s see what new twist the developers had arrived with-

What’s New in the Game

The Riot company had arrived with new twist and new plot in multiplayer game named-Volarant.This game will consist of total ten players, five members per team.Both the teams have to use their system to buy weapons.

The attacking team has to throw bomb on a specific location within a specified period of time afterwhich they will be rewarded with a point otherwise, if the bomb cannot be landed on the specified location, the defender team will get a point.There will be a total of 25 rounds and whichever team will win maximum out of those rounds will be declared as winner and the game continues.The team members are regarded as agents.