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Is There Any Chance of Season 8 of ‘Still Game’ Be on Netflix?

Still Game is a British comedy show which is one of the funniest show which has made people laugh with its seven-season. The show is a sequel of Chewin’ the Fat and is a long-running comedy show. The show was first started in theatres and then slowly moved to radio and televisions and slowly gained a lot of popularity.

The popularity of the show made it possible for the show which was first available on BBC Scotland to be broadcasted nationally. Then the BBC show made its way to Netflix on which seven seasons of the show is available.

Will, There Be a New Season for Still Game on Netflix?

Still Game first streamed on Netflix in January 2015. Initially, it was released with six seasons on Netflix. The show returned on Netflix with the seventh season after two years it was aired in the UK. If we go by this previous trend then we could expect the show to be released on Netflix in 2020 so the fan may have to wait.

The previously expected date of the show was October 2019 but fans had to face disappointment. Season 8 of the show is expected to be on Netflix on  April 15th, 2020 in the US.

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When Will the Other Region Be Streaming Still Game Season 8?

It can be expected that other region will receive season 8 very soon. The BBC is very irregular with its release schedule. For the fan in the UK, the season will be released little late on Netflix as the season 8 is still available on BBC iPlayer. Many other regions of the world are still streaming the season 7.