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Is there any Chance for Season 2 ‘Legacies’ be on Netflix

The Legacies season 2 can now be expected to arrive on Netflix very soon. The Legacies is a show of CW and show is generally released on Netflix after the week they finish airing the show on CW. As the coronavirus has affected most of the show’s production this show also became one of its victims. Season 2 was planned to be of 20 episodes but due to the pandemic, the ongoing series ended with an unplanned finale with a fairy ending to the season. Thus only 16 episodes were released on the Tv instead of 20 episodes which were planned.

Is Legacies leaving Netflix:

There were a lot of rumors that the show is leaving Netflix after the Netflix relationship with CW got bitter but the good news is that this has not affected the streaming of the show on Netflix. Regarding the show, the two have a legacy contract between them which means that as long as there will be a new season of the show on CW it will be released on Netflix. The main deal between the two ended in 2019 and now they agreed to have a more traditional relationship with the introduction of legacy contract.

When is the season releasing:

Legacies creator Julie Plec herself came forward and announced officially on twitter that the season 2 of the show will be released this week. She said, “Our 16 episodes from S2 will be dropping on @netflix in the U.S. tomorrow 4/3.”  The show will come with 16 episodes that were aired on CW. It was released in the US on April 3.

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When will the other region get the show:

Legacies will be available to stream on Netflix only in the US for now because of the deal it has with CW. In March 2020 the show first season arrived on Netflix in Argentina and the second season is expected to arrive in a year as per the previous trends. The other region’s broadcast agreement is far. For the UK audience, the show is not for sale in the Uk market. For now, the Legacies cannot be streamed by anyone outside the United States.