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After Coronavirus Is There Any Chance For ‘Asteroids’ To Flyby

Asteroids are rocky objects smaller than the size of a planet. They are irregular shaped, heavy bodies that are formed since the time of formation of the universe. They are made up of rocks along with some minerals like nickel or iron.


Yes, most probably it is. NASA confirms that the planet Earth will be encountering four asteroids that will differ in size. It is believed that a more dreadful thing than CORONA VIRUS will be taking place when asteroids will hit the surface of the planet. As we all know that COVID-19 is becoming more and more dangerous as the day passes by and what worse can we expect further from the prediction of asteroids? It’s still a mystery unresolved! Let’ see what the future holds for us and let’s hope for the best!


Astrologers believe that a total of four asteroids will hit the surface of different sizes and different masses. Their names are as follows-1 2020 FFI

2020 DP4

2020 FS

2020 FK

From the above-listed asteroids, DP4 is considered to be the largest and FK to be the smallest. The closet one will approach at approximately a distance of 7,13,000 kilometers and the other one will fly at an approximate distance of 1.35 million kilometers.

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At present, we have absolutely no idea as if what will be taking place in the future, but the researchers believe that much harm will not be caused. The effect will only be seen in an airbus. The smaller asteroids will disintegrate into the earth’s atmosphere

This will probably take place on March 28, 2020


It might be a shocking fact, but evidence shows that the CORONA virus and the asteroids are somewhat related to each other. But yes, doesn’t that sound like something mythological and fictional! Professor WICKRAMASINGNE says that they both are interconnected. According to him, this virus dispersed into China when a meteor fell towards earth in October.

It is said that in 2021, NASA will launch it’s ┬áDART mission to test its asteroid deflection in real time-space .