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Is the News Confirmed About The Witcher Season 2 Arrival?

Hey! guys, we are back with The Witcher’s latest updates. We know it’s been too long since we learned about witcher season 2, we are waiting for many months to know when it’s coming back. So, let’s not wait to know how many more days we need to wait.

The Witcher, Netflix Original series:

The Witcher story is taken from a novel with the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski. In 2019 December, we experienced a complete fantasy journey of The witcher and his discoveries. we got to know many interesting facts about their world which is named The continent. Season one is packed with action, fantasy, adventure, and some magic and love as destiny planned.

This amazing season with 8 episodes did anything to the viewers like they were quite confused for a moment as the plot goes to past and present both at a time. It will easily make one think at least for a second to understand what are they watching.

Such an intriguing series stopped with its first season in 2019. And yes it is renewed and Netflix announced that they are planning for season 2 as well.

Season 02, When Will Be Released?

Neither Netflix nor the team revealed any date regarding the release of season 02. However, they declared back in 2019 that season 02 is set to release in 2021. Production started in 2020 and paused in March 2020 due to the outbreak of a pandemic.
These pandemic issues changed the fortune many and series like these were mostly paused. Sources are explaining that production in some areas is planning to resume soon. If it happened we will get details about everything we need.

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Trailer and Story of Season 02:

Trailer is not yet released as the production is paused. So we can expect one when they start production again. The story of season 02 will give us many new facts and takes us to a different adventure. It will continue where season 01 has stopped and all the holes left previously will be filled now in the new upcoming season.

We can see the story which we found in books but with slight changes.

So, that is all for now. Further details will be given shortly after Netflix confirmed officially.
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