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Is Sword Art Online Season 3 Available on Netflix? the Wait Is Over, Check It’s Release Date, Plot and Cast

Sword Art Online season 2 will happen. Reki Kawahara’s anime will be back on track soon. This series is actually based on a book. It is a very popular anime all over the world. People tend to like it a lot due to it having multiple genres mixed up.

When Is Sword Art Online Season 2 Releasing?

Fans have waited for way too long. On July 8th, 2012, the first season of the show premiered. However, the good news came out that season two for the show is happening. There is more to this. The second season will not release soon. For instance, one big reason for the delay, is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Cast for Sword Art Online Season 2

Most of the cast members will be same. However, there might be some more people who will be a part of the second season.

Bryce Papenbrook, Ben Diskin, Chairman Leigh will play Kirito, Death Gun and Asuna. Cassandra Lee Morris and Erica Mendez will play Leafa and Yuki Konna respectively. Kirk Thornton and Sarah Anne Williams will play Klein and Lizbeth. Besides them, YUI will be played by Stephanie Shesh.

Plot for Sword Art Online Season 2

The show is about a multiplayer game. In this game, the players use their mind to control their in-game characters. Sword Art Online has more than 10k players in it. However, the players slowly realise that whoever has been playing the game won’t be able to leave it. The series gave quite a scare with this theme.

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In order to get out of the game, the players have to complete it. Besides that, there is one more scary rule. If you die in-game, you die in reality.

According to some rumours, the second season will have an investigation. That investigation will be led by Kazuto and Shino. This will be for Death Guns, whoever they kill will be dead in reality. We will finally learn more about Death Guns, how they work, how can they kill people in real world, and more. We can be sure that this season will be a blast filled with intense thrilling moments and a deep story.

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