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Is Selena Gomez Talking About Justin Bieber in Her New Song ‘Boyfriend’?

Most singers write songs about something real. Most of the songs out there are not random songs but instead, they are someone’s thoughts and emotions put into words for everyone. Just like that, Selena Gomez is seeing a lot of light because of her new song. Now, the title for it is ‘boyfriend’, and the fact is that Justin also had a song with the same name. It may or may not be a coincidence.

About Selena Gomez

Now, we all know that Selena has been singing and gaining fans for a long time. She first released songs with her own band. However, she left it back in 2014. Now, she has not been releasing new songs for quite some time. But, that has changed for now.

Is she coming back?

Selena Gomez recently announced that she will be coming back in the music industry. She teased the fans with some songs. Besides that, she also did some colabs and did some other work. However, she recently came up with a new album. This happened on 10th January, 2020. However, since that album released, Selena has been quite public and fans are talking about her a lot. Now, she has been promoting herself quite more for now. She also had a character which she voiced in Dolittle.

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About her new track

Selena Gomez said that she has some songs that she wants to released as soon as possible. She also said that she does not know when it will be released. However, she also has a favorite track that she wants to release. That track is being called ‘boyfriend’. She is very excited for its release and for the fans to hear it.

Now, Selena has been very good at choosing the titles for her songs. Most of the times, her titles are very short. They are to the point and contain a lot of hidden meaning. So, it seems that her track may just be about Justin Bieber. Now, Ariana Grande also came up with a song. The title for it was also ‘boyfriend’. This song was released back in 2019. Now, there have been some artists who have released songs with the same name. For Selena, the hidden meaning for new title is being clear.

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