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Is Master’s of the Universe to be Theatrical or a Streaming Movie?

Star of the series Masters of the Universe in his interview revealed that the He-Man project would begin this summer season. The leading star of the series is Noah Centineo has an interview with Harpers Bazaar. According to the latest news, Centineo has bulked up 30 pounds muscles to play the leading role of He-Man last year.

Masters of the Universe to air on Netflix

The film has the main leader Prince Adam. He later becomes a warrior and got the name, He-Man. He was the last hope of the magical land Eternia. Initially, this film was to air on March 5, 2012. But later, the slot was taken by Sony Pictures, which was first to air on December 18, 2020.

Noah Centineo will play a lead role as He-Man. He will take up the new live-action version. Before this, Dolph Lundgren has been He-Man of 1987 for the same film. Getting back to that year, Mattel played toy-line in the Masters of the Universe. Then its reboot series got aired in 2002 on Cartoon Network.

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Filming of Masters of the Universe

The movie will start filming this summer. However, before this, it was to be delayed, but now there is no specific mention date for this. The lead role actor Prince Adam has stated the final filming of the film. However, with no release date, it has worried fans a lot with the threat of cancellation.

Masters of the Universe is working for decades to bring a new movie. It is for sure that they will not sell this movie to the studios. Netflix has collaborated with Kevin Smith regarding this project of the He-Man animated series. The project owners are sure that it is safe to deal with Netflix for their project.

How does it affect the rating of the movie, not theatrical?

With the excellent collaboration of project owners with Netflix, it is for sure that Man of the Universe will air on Netflix, not theaters. According to the directors, the release date is set to 2021. The film will go with a streaming service rather than the silver screen. However, it would not change its script.

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