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Is Jaden Smith Dating Tyler? Is it Confirm? What’s of Will smith?

Jaden Smith is only 21 years and his stardom is just wow. He is our popular karate kid, which made the whole world love him more. Since he shot into fame he has dated many popular actresses in Hollywood. The list just goes on. In the past, he has dated Madison Pettis, Stella Hudgens, Sofia Richie, Kylie Jenner, Amandla Stenberg, Sarah Synder, and Odessa Adlon.

There’s this news regarding the relationship of Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith has been in the viral scene off late. 

Is He Dating Tyler the Rapper? Is It True? Let’s Find Out.

In the Gnaw carnival, last year in November 2019, Jaden told publicly that Tyler is his boyfriend even if he didn’t like to admit it. This made the fans more curious about their relationship. Ever since then we are all ears about anything related to this pair.  

Who Is Tyler, the Creator?

Tyler is an American singer, rapper, and song producer. He is nicknamed as Tyler, the creator. He recently won the Grammy Award for the best rapping album category in 2019. 

Jaden was happy for him. He took to Twitter to congratulate Tyler saying that he had told everyone and he(Tyler) couldn’t deny it then. He mentioned him as his boyfriend. This was surely gonna make the fans go crazy. 

Are they dating ??

Tyler has not confirmed anything. That remains to be seen. Or they are just fooling around with their fans since they are good friends no doubt. Having some fun with keeping the paparazzi busy. 

The pair have been spotted many times in the public. Are the speculations about them true? Jaden is open about his sexuality and expresses it publicly without any concern. But Tyler is very secretive.

Jaden has never before told anything straight about him being gay. That is why we are all confused about these sudden events. Considering that they are friends since long they might be dating for long. 

Will Smith is reportedly not happy about the announcement from Jaden’s side. It seems he did not like Jaden being gay. 

If Tyler could clear the air from his side it would be great. Fans are always happy with their favorite celebrity getting into a relationship. Let’s see where their relationship goes. 

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