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Is It True Director Lee Hwan-Kyung Plan to Work on This Miracle in Cell No 7 2020

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a comedy-drama film directed by Lee Hwan-Kyung. It is 2013 released South Korean movie, which is about a mentally unstable man wrongfully accused of murder. The story is based on a real-life incident of a man who was claimed guilty under compulsive rape and murder to a 9-year old girl in Chuncheon on 27 September 1982. He was finally discharged in November 2008. The movie is produced by Kim Min-ki and Lee Sang-hun.

Miracle in Cell No. 7: Other Information

However, the original version of the movie was released back in 2019 in South Korea and it received much appreciation and acknowledgment both from its fans and critics. The movie has been later remade a lot of times. Pushapaka Vimana a Kannada movie is a remake of Miracle in Cell No. 7 which was released in 2017. Later it was also adapted in Indonesia in 2020 and in the Philippines.

But the most amazing news amongst all is that the movie is available on our platform, Netflix which was released back in 2019. And you can watch it anytime you want.

Miracle in Cell No. 7: Cast

The movie of a beautiful ensemble of cast and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Ryu Seung-ryong in the role of Lee Yong-gu
  2. Kal So-won in the role of Ye-sung (child)
  3. Park Shin-Hye plays the role of Ye-sung (adult)
  4. Oh Dal-Su in the role of So yang-ho
  5. Jung Jin-young in the role of Jang Min-hwan
  6. Parl Won-sang in the role of Choi Chun-ho
  7. Kim Jung-Tae plays the role of Kang Man-beom
  8. Jung Man-Sik in the character of Shin Bong-shik
  9. Kim Ki-Cheon in the role of Old man Da-do

Miracle in Cell No. 7: Plan to work on

As of now, there has not been any confirmation yet from the makers or production that the director of the movie Lee Hwan-Kyung is planning to work anything on it in 2020.

But nevertheless, the movie resonated with a larger audience and it would be a treat for you to watch it.

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