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Is Hunters Will Be Back In Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details

Anime is a genre that has remained under covers.

Netflix and Amazon are shy in showing more of the animated series. This might be because it has a very limited range of audiences.

However, Korean Anime, Solo Levelling, has had considerable success all around the globe. Season 2 of the show is supposed to release on Streaming Platform.

Release Date of Solo Levelling Season 2

Korean Magazine, Kakao Page is publishing comics on a daily basis.

It has a variety of illustrations on Solo Levelling. Fans demanded a TV series on the comics. And thus, Netflix took the decision to release an animated series of the comics around April.

April 20th is the date that has been set as the proper time frame.

Plot Details of Solo Levelling Season 2

Comics follows the story of Sung Jin Woo, a hunter if the woods.

Hunters here are people who are trained fighters adapting to tough situations.

They fight off evil spirits and forces to protect themselves.

Sung and his fellow hunters get stuck in a dungeon of alternate dimensions.

They have to fight the beasts and monsters to escape from there.

Survival is of prime importance. A journey of how Sung transforms from a weak to a powerful hunter is the theme of the series.

Comic Book Fans are extremely happy after hearing the announcement.

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