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Is Humanity Lost? A 40-Year Old Man Stabbed by Ten People Over an Argument for Free Milk

10 people were arrested recently, out of which 2 were women. Bengaluru Police arrested those people who stabbed the man for free milk. The people who were arrested, did this, for free milk which was spread around. A fight broke out between the victim and the others in Senshadripuram last Wednesday. It is probably the second fight that has been witnessed involving free milk during the last couple of days.

About the victim

The victim, Vinod Kumar, is an auto-rickshaw driver. Due to what happened to him, he has been clinging to life as much as he can. All of this happened when Vinod had some claims against Nagaraj, on Tuesday. Nagaraj is the one who is supposed to ‘spread’ the milk but didn’t really do it for the people in the area. These two people actually got into a fight over this on Tuesday itself.

The Battle Continued

Times of India reported that the arguments continued again on Wednesday during the day. This time Nagraj claimed something over an issue involving Vinod’s niece. According to the police, people gathered around. Some were in support of Nagaraj while some supported Vinod.

When the arguments were happening, someone who was supporting Nagaraj, stabbed the man for free milk. He was badly hurt in the stomach. However, the police ended up arresting 10 people who were involved in the battle between Vinod and Nagaraj.

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Another Battle

Some time ago, there was a fight for the same exact reason. However, this time, the fight involved two women. A 39 years old woman called Gouramma said that she was taking free milk from her own neighbourhood area without permission. However, another woman claimed something regarding this and gave out some criticisms. The fight began and there was a lot of noise. Gouramma and her family were arrested for many reasons. For instance, humiliation of a person, terrorizing and for some more claims.

Instead of sticking together as Indians and keeping the peace, many people are just creating and increasing the problems. Things like these happen all over India for petty reasons. Fights happen over free milk and some even start fights because they do not want to follow the rules.