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Is House of Cards season 7 release on Netflix?

Season 6 of House of Cards is available on Netflix. The fans might get excited to watch out all the eight episodes of House of Cards because it can be the final season of the series.

The season one of House of Cards debuted in February 2013, and it attracted numerous subscribers. In this handout, you will get to know whether there is any hope for the new season of House of Cards or not.

Was sixth season of House of Cards final season?

Netflix could not take the allegations against Spacey, and his exit has become more complicated by the fact after House of Cards season fifth. By the end of season 5, House of Cards season 6 manages to pivot from the direction cleverly.

Frank Underwood is already dead when the final season starts. In the show, Claire has some new enemies to deal with, and Frank passed away in his bed mysteriously. However, fans expecting next season for House of Cards must know that the sixth season was the last season of the show.

Can there be season 7 for House of Cards?

It seems impossible that Netflix will allow House of Cards to continue on other platforms like Hulu or Amazon. It is because Netflix values its original content seriously and very highly.

Moreover, Netflix is not going to keep the House of Cards itself. House of Cards drew much attention from the audience and was a sensational show. Robin Wright, who is one of the highest-paid American actresses, made some statements against the shutdown of House of Cards.

She was one of the main actresses of the series and voiced her concerns related to the risks of jobs lost.

The sixth season of the show concluded a little touch of curiosity and wit. However, every good thing comes to an end; that is why; the series ended.

Thus found that House of Cards has no more seasons and last season concluded the series. It means that season 7 of House of Cards is not going to produce and season 6 was the final season of the show.

Stay tuned for upcoming details about the series with us.

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