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Is Dr Fauci a ‘Alarmist’ According to Trump as He Tell in the Interview

What started in China spread to the USA. Coronavirus which first erupted in China on a massive scale has now shifted base to the US. The States have become the hotbed for infection with 70,000 cases being reported on a daily basis. Yet the US administration led by Donald Trump has downplayed its impacts.

What Did President Trump Say About the Rising Coronavirus Cases?

Donald Trump has brushed off claims by saying that the Coronavirus situation in America is completely under control. It has not spiraled out of their hands. The number of cases is increasing exponentially because more tests are being done. Thus it is not only increasing the case count, but it is also showing us the kind of infection spread in the States. But the President has said that mostly the youth have contacted the virus. It has turned out to be nothing more than a normal sniffle and occasional cough and cold. There is no need to raise any alarm.

What did the President say about Anthony S. Fauci?

The President said that the infectious diseases expert was an alarming person. His reports had been proved to be overt by the other leading authorities of the state. However, Trump said that they had differences in opinion. But that did not mean that they did not share a cordial relationship. He said that he communicates with the Doctor on a regular basis. They also maintain a very healthy social relations and the bonds of their friendship are really strong. They always try to work on the same page and work for the betterment of the American community.

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Criticisms by Peers

Many of his peers have criticized the actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci. They said that he was trying to raise false alarms and was not able to provide substantial evidence. He was also not able to prove the facts discovered by him. The State secretary had also criticized his remarks for raising a sense of anxiety among the US population. However, Trump said that the doctor was an important cog in the wheel of the US Stare Machinery. That he would be working for the development of a new strain of successful vaccine was made clear by Trump.