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Is Disney Goes to Protect Over Scrubs Stuffed Dog Rowdy

Scrubs is an American television series based on Comedy specially created for NBC which was released by October 2, 2001. After the seventh season was released, NBC declined that it would not renew the show further and ABC announced that it would premier the eighth season of the show on January 6, 2009. On December 1, 2009, the ninth season was launched.

Running time : 20-23 minutes

More Information About the Division of the Seasons

So, from first season to seventh season, NBC showed it. And season 8 and season 9 was displayed on ABC. This show completed its 9 seasons with total number of 182 episodes. United states is the official country where this show was originated with English as its language.

Who All Are Starring in This Show ?

  1. Zach Braff as John Michael, the show’s protagonist 
  2. Sarah Chalke portrays the role of Elliot Reid
  3. Donald Falson playing the part of Christopher Turk who’s protagonist’s best friend
  4. Neil Flynn as Janitor
  5. Ken Jenkins displays Bob Kelso
  6. John C. McGinley as Perry Cox
  7. Judy Reyes as Carla Espinosa
  8. Eliza Coupe showing as Denise Mahoney
  9. Kerry Bishé portrays Lucy Bennett
  10. Michael Mosley as Drew Suffin
  11. Dave Franco as Cole Aaronson

Disney Saves the Popular Show. Read Here for More Details

Scrubs has become one of the most famous shows which has recieved awards for its humour too. This show was owned by NBC for 7 seasons and after that, ABC picked it for 2 seasons which belongs to Disney. Disney claims that Rowdy belongs to them and they can cross any limit in order to protect the show.

This is why, they asked ABC to pick the final seasons of this show. Disney decided to launch Wish I was here and Rowdy is required on that set. Disney believes that this would be an amazing story and audience would love it. Scrub fans would enjoy this as their popular dog is involved in it. 

Braff also told that he created a two hour movie for scrub where he would invite all the main characters and help in reuniting them. Rowdy would hit a boom with his upcoming show and made audience sad too by ending the final season 9 of scrub.

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