Is Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD new tonight, March 1?

Is Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD new tonight, March 1?

Is Chicago Med new tonight on NBC? Are we going to see the series back with both Chicago Fire and also Chicago PD?

The first big thing to note at the moment is that with us coming out of February sweeps, it is fair to think that there will be some repeats coming at some point. However, that does not mean that we’re seeing that happen tonight. There are new installments of all three shows coming in a matter of hours, though we should note that these are the last ones for the next few weeks. Let’s hope some big stuff happens! After all, this is a way to better set the table for whatever is next.

Now, do you want to see some more news on all three of the installments ahead? Then you just have to check out the attached synopses…

Chicago Med season 8 episode 15, “Those Times You Have to Cross the Line” – 03/01/2023 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday)    : The hospital is in disarray when the janitors go on strike. Crockett treats a young girl injured on her family’s farm. Charles and Nellie’s schizophrenic patient returns to Med. Archer encounters a patient with foreign material in her stomach.

Chicago Fire season 11 episode 15, “Damage Control” – 03/01/2023 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : Kidd, Seager and Carver investigate a fire at the city stables. Kylie clashes with some of the firefighters over changes due to budget cuts. Herrmann struggles to keep it together as Cindy’s condition worsens.

For those who haven’t heard, this episode may be the first of the next few to not feature Taylor Kinney — the actor is on a leave of absence to attend to a personal matter.

Chicago PD season 10 episode 15, “Blood and Honor” – 03/01/2023 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday)    : When a family is poisoned in their home, the team discovers a connection to the Becks. Ruzek goes undercover to work for their business and as he gets closer to Samantha, chilling information about her father, Richard, comes to light.

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What do you most want to see on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD tonight?

Go ahead and let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, come back around for some other updates. (Photo: NBC.)