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Is Attack on Titan Season 4 Coming? Capture All the Details Regarding Release Date, Cast and Plot

Anime is obviously s very popular genre among the teenagers of today. With magnificent storyline and attractive CGI, recreating comics for Anime is fascinating. Some of the manga comics character that has been brought to life are Dragon Ball Z, Perfect Blue etc. Many other award winning anime Adaptations have worked wonder on the big screen as well. With more amount of storyline background, anime is a widely explored genre with so many variations to it.

Attack on Titans is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime series among the contemporary era. It has such a legion of well developed character shades that is bound to attract the attention of the viewers. Past three seasons have made the fans sit up and take notice. News for a fourth season is also around the blocks

Attack on Titan Season 4: About the Show

The show majorly focuses on the impending battle with Titans and humans. Titans are mythical god’s who return to Earth to capture lands which they claim to be their own. According to them, they inhabited this land for centuries and thus seem to establish control over its hallowed turfs. But it’s been a long time since they have disappeared completely. During this period, human beings have made their place on the planet.

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This TV series majorly focuses on the physical confrontations that both Titans and Human beings have with each other. Battles are fought on an epic scale. With supernatural abilities Titans look to overpower the humans. Human beings however use their modern methodical weapons to create fear in the hearts of the Titans.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Plot

Plot of Season 2 will show that the Titans have captured Eren’s layer. Eren with the help of Armin Mikassa and Ackerman will look to regain their lost glory to save the face of humanity. After waging a battle with the Titans, they would establish dominance of their own. Producers are tight lipped about slipping out any spoilers in between the post production activities. Thus not much information is available about what the setting of season 2 will be. But it is guaranteed that the plot will definitely continue from where it left off in the last season.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Release Date

It has been notified to the media personnel that the series will release around Fall 2020. This means that the trailer for the 4th season will be released around July 2020. Fans are very excited upon hearing the news and are expecting the trailer to be a spectacle as well.