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Is Apple Investing on Artificial Intelligence? Check the New Features and Improvements

Even though Apple’s brand value is something you need to notice a lot but still they are trying to improve their AI through various methods. The company had recently announced its upcoming updates on their AIs. So, let’s take a look at it.

What’s New??

Apple has recently taken a new startup called Voysis. It is a startup that has developed digital voice assistants. So, it could be able to understand people’s languages in a better way.

Dublin, Ireland based Voysis has provided its services to many companies. The technology basically provides digital voice assistants which will make sure to give more precise results while you are within an online shopping app.

It will provide the customers will be able to get more precise results and there will be no confusion regarding what to buy and what not to buy.

Why Voysis ?

Voysis has done for many companies over the past couple of years. Apple spokesperson has also said that “We always buy advanced technologies and it’s our thing to not tell others about our latest advancements”.

The most prolific achievement is that Voysis is able to convert the whole voice thing in a very short thing about 25 MB whereas Google DeepMind which came back in 2016 with the same thing really need a lot more space than that.

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The company is still thinking that whether to improve the AI system of Siri or totally handed the whole thing to Voysis. So, that they could be able to improvise the whole thing and make it better in understanding the natural language.

What Else They Got??

Apple has also taken over a Cupertino California based company called “DarkS by” which is basically going to make sure the weather display remains accurate in the Apple iPad and iPhones to make sure it describes the most precise way possible.

The company has been hoarding a hell lot of other startups and ideas for good money and without a doubt, we are loving all the advanced technology they are throwing over the phone.

It although remains quite secretive about everything about their latest technologies but we are here to take out everything from their databases as soon as possible.
So, Apple has become a kind of a hoarder when it comes to collecting the new technology and that’s something to be sad about but we are getting all the good features. So, why to worry?? Let’s enjoy these things.