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is any vaccine for coronavirus there to cure patients?

Today the whole world is trying to achieve a common goal which is to somehow stop the coronavirus from spreading. But despite the strict action taken by the government all over the world, the situation is still worsening, and the number of cases of COVID-19 is increasing day by day. World Health organisation has also declared it a pandemic. Now all eyes are on a vaccine which could help the people recover from the diseases.

What’s the current Coronavirus Vaccine progress:

Thirty-five companies and various institution are currently working on the vaccine and are working day and night out of these four have begun their testing on the animals. The first vaccine was produced by a Boston-based biotech firm Moderna and is expected to enter the human testing phase very soon they have skipped the animal testing phase to speed up the development of the vaccine. The Chinese doctors have sequenced the genetic material of Sars-CoV-2, and this has increased the speed of development of vaccine all over the world. This has also helped the researchers around the globe to develop and study the virus in detail. An Australian scientist has begun injecting ferrate with two potential vaccines on the animals, and the test is expected to shift on humans by the end of April.

Is There Any Coronavirus Vaccine Update:

The bigger problem is that even if a vaccine is developed for coronavirus then it would be needed around the whole world and these firms who are racing to create a vaccine would not be able to produce a mass vaccine to meet its demand all over the world. Not only this researcher has found that there are four types of coronavirus in human and they show different symptoms and for now we don’t have any vaccine for even one so this will also affect the period of vaccine development. The vaccine can be expected to be present for the whole world by the second half of 2021.

Problems that will be faced after the vaccine is developed:

According to Jonathan Quick, the author of the book The End Of Epidemic “Getting a vaccine that’s proven to be safe and effective in humans takes one at best about a third of the way to what’s needed for a global immunisation programme”. He further added that even if the vaccine is developed politics and economics will cause a problem in immunisation of the world. One of the other issues that develop during the pandemic is that countries also compete among themselves for the vaccine. The countries whose health care system is weak and is underfunded would face a problem as it will not be able to buy the amount of vaccine needed to meet up its demands.

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When there is a demand for vaccine all over the world, the rich countries which can afford the vaccine will snap the maximum vaccine supply leaving the small, emerging countries with the shortage of supply. Also sometimes the country which produces the vaccine keeps it with itself to treat its population. First, this would also cause a lack of supply. There is also chance that the virus may reach its peak and then would slow down even before the development of the vaccine. But still the vaccine could help to reduce its spread in future.

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Can the existing drug treat the coronavirus:

Doctors are currently testing anti-viral medicines as these are believed to be safe for the patients. Now, various trials are going on in England and Scotland with redeliver a drug which was developed for treating ebola and is effective against a large number of virus. And many more trials are being carried out in China and America and the results of which are expected within weeks. The test was also conducted with HIV drug, but the result of the research was not up to the expectation. Chloroquine which is an anti-malarial drug is giving positive results and is proving to be useful, but still, the World Health Organization is not sure about its effectiveness.

The vaccine will affect which age-group:

The vaccine will be available for all age group, but generally, it will be not adequate for the older people. As coronavirus affect the people with a weak immune system, older people are thus at higher risk and also their immune system does not respond that well to immunisation by the vaccine.

What will be the side effect of the vaccine:

As every vaccine has its side effect; thus, coronavirus is expected to be no different. Though the vaccine is in its early stages of development, so its challenging to say what would be the side effect associated with the vaccine.

Is There any Coronavirus Vaccine News:

As there will be a shortage of vaccine at the early stages so most of the countries will have to decide who would get the vaccine first. The healthcare workers who are the frontline warriors and are at the highest risk would be the first to get the vaccine as they are the one who is directly coming in contact with the coronavirus patient. Also, the older people whose immune system are weak and even the patient which are critical would be the first to be treated with the vaccine.

What can I do until a vaccine is found?

As it is said, prevention is better than cure so, for now, the best would be to stay at home and fight the coronavirus. As more and more people are infected with the virus, it would become difficult to treat them. Also, a large number of people are recovering from the disease as their immune system was strong enough to fight the virus. For many people, the virus is just like the flu, and they can recover from the sickness only by isolating themselves. Wear mask whenever you move out and use sanitizer frequently. Also, avoid going outside the house unnecessarily and follow the guidelines released by the government. Remember, social distancing is the key to fight coronavirus.