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Is Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ up with season 2 or not? Here is what you should know

Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ is about a band of Nazis chased by a gang of Jewish Vigilantes in 1970s New York. The ‘hunters’ discover many Nazi settlement living among them in U.S. As they find out the conspiracy theory of the Nazis to create a Fourth Reich, the hunters plan to hunt down the Nazi officials. This drama web television series is made by David Weil with a total of 10 episodes till now.
Hunters is now streaming on Amazon Prime video. The first season premiered on February 21, 2020 .

Recap: Hunters season 1 (Spoiler Alert)

In our opinion, Hunters has a moderate review with several ups and downs. It really freaked us out when ‘The Wolf’ was revealed. Meyer Offerman was the wolf. SHOCKING RIGHT? He confessed to Jonah after he is caught in a suspicious act of murder. Offerman tries to convince Jonah about his transformation, keeping the storyline so intense. Which path will Jonah choose? What we predict is, 2nd season may unwind Harriet’s dubious action which she is plaiting beyond the Hunters back. Simultaneously, Hitler and the Colonel have wired up together and are ready to make Joe suffer. Season 2 will surely sum up by the consequences and a lot of zigzagging events and it will electrify us in all the ways possible.

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Season 2 renewed or canceled?

So basically, the official news is yet to be announced. There is no confirmation given by¬† Amazon till now. However we are expecting the news soon. The first 10-episodes left a solid imprint on the fans. Series Creater David Weil gave a positive heads up. He told Inverse about his ‘5-seasons-plan’ for hunters and how he is dying to blurt out all the stories embedded in his mind. We empathically give advice to all the fans to have patience as the signal will go green very soon.


The series stars Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum and Al-Pacino as a catastrophic surviver and a Nazi-Hunter, Meyer Offerman.
We also find Josh Radnor, Saul Rubinek, Carol Kane, Dylan Baker with Lena Olin on the opposite team.

Amazon’s Hunter faced a lot peaks and valleys because of the Jewish-themed idea implanted in the series. Even after all this, it managed to come out of this chaotic system. And touched the hearts of audience with a full-fledging suspensor. But for now all we have to do is wait-wait-wait!!

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