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IOC Chief, Japanese Prime Minster Has Cancelled Tokyo Olympics Until 2021

Cancellation of Tokyo Olympics 2020


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo abe confirmed on Tuesday that the Tokyo Olympics would be delayed. The games will be rescheduled for the summer of 2021 to protect the health of competitors and other Olympic entrants. It was terribly unfair for more than 10,000 athletes. On Sunday, the executive board of the International Olympic Committee said it would analyze the world scenario in the next four weeks and make a conclusion that may involve the possibility of cancellation of the Games. Thomas Bach, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, sent a letter to the athletes addressing the decision and why it could take too long.

“The leaders accepted that during these difficult days, the Olympic Games in Tokyo should stand as a sign of hope for the nation and also that the Olympic flame should represent the beam at the end of the tunnel in which the nation finds itself,” the IOC statement said. “And it has been decided that the Olympic flame will remain in Japan”.

¬†Canada is the first nation to declare that it would not send competitors to this year’s Olympics because of the difficulties involved with the coronavirus pandemic. Canada’s President of the British Olympic Association. After hearing Canada’s announcement, stated that great Britain would be unlikely to send a team Tokyo this summer. Not long after, the Australian Olympic Committee [AOC] followed suit, asking its competitors to start training for the 2021 Olympics.

¬†In the current situation, and based on the information received by the WHO, the IOC President and Japan’s Prime Minister also agreed that they have rescheduled to a date after 2020, but not later than summer 2021. This is the first time in modern Olympic history that the Games have been interrupted by a global health issue. The Games have rarely delayed since, and had ever been cancelled in emergencies before. Organizers will also have to work out how to carry it rolling for another year, thus ensuring the venues remain up-to-date for another 12 months.

Everything can change in one year, so we need to worry about what we need to do.

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