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Into the Night Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story and When It Will Be Available on Netflix ?

It is a Belgian web television series available on Netflix. The show was first aired on 1st May 2020 and has 6 episodes which by the way you can easily binge-watch. The genre is drama and thriller or to describe more it has basically a post-apocalyptic sub-genre. So, if you like watching movies like Bird Box, Cargo, or shows like Walking Dead.

In this, the sun which is primarily considered for the nourishment of mankind has turned into this ultimate threat. So, as long as you are in daylight whether inside or outside the house,  morning  or afternoon, you are gonna dropdown. There is a lot of anxiety-inducing moments in the show such as hijacking, fuel shortage, lack of resources, food, etc. It really gets into you.

When is the Release Date of Into the Night Season 2?

Since the 1st season of the show has just aired so there will be quiet a gap before the arrival of next season. Although, Netflix has not announced anything officially yet but the signs so far for the next season look good. Also, being in streamer’s top 10 charts on Netflix, signals for its future seasons.

This is like another survival story where a group of strangers come together and try to help each other collectively to fight against the virus with the help of their different skill sets. It is unlikely to expect the release of the next season anywhere in this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, more likely it is expected to be released in the mid of 2021.

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Into the Night Season 2 : The Cast of the Show

All the characters inside the show are diverse. They have different religious beliefs, moral stands, and different occupations which makes the show an even better one to watch. Therefore, it is highly anticipated that for season 2 the makers might take their previous cast and we will get to see our favorite cast members yet again.

Into the Night Season 2 Expected Plot and Fan Theories

So, here’s a spoiler-free plot, even if the next season comes, we will most probably get to witness the characters struggle yet again where they emerge into the toxic light in new robot forms for a whole new and different set of episodes. Also, it will be pretty expensive to produce a whole new season with an entire race of robots which is why we will have to wait for Netflix to announce it. Nevertheless, until then wait for the upcoming season and stay hooked for other upcoming details.