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Into the Night Season 2 Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Expected Stotyline

Into the Night is a Belgian Netflix original which first aired on May 1, 2020. It is based on the novel The Old Axoloti. Created by Jason George the show is a sci-fi drama series. The post-apocalyptic thriller is surely going to make fans hooked to it. 

The biggest star in the solar system becomes the ultimate threat which burns them when you step out in the broad daylight. The series is surely a bumper ride. Consisting of 6 episodes you can binge-watch it with ease. 

Those of you who have watched the first season are waiting for news regarding another season. So let’s get into the details. 

Will There Be an Into the Night Season 2?

It is too soon for the Netflix series to renew another season, considering it released two weeks ago. The 1st season had just touched upon the book it is based on. Hence, there is a huge amount of story left which needs to be told. Netflix will wait a little longer before announcing another season. So, yes there is a huge possibility that we will get to see another season of the apocalyptic show.

Who Could Be the Expected Cast for Into the Night Season 2?

Most of the cast members are set to return if there will be another season confirmed. The previous season included Jan Bijvoet (Security Guard), Nabil Mallat (Airport Cleaner), Pauline Etienne (Helicopter Pilot), Laurent Capelluto (Copilot), Stéfano Cassetti (NATO officer), Astrid Whettnall(Stewardess), Vincent Londez(Climate Scientist), Alba Gaïa Bellugi(Russian Mother), Babetida Sadjo(Internet Celebrity), Mehmet Kurtulus(Nurse), Ksawery Szlenkier (Turkish Man), and Borys Szyc (Mechanic).

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Into the Night Season 2: Is There a Trailer Yet?

It is foolish to expect a trailer so soon as the series is yet to be renewed. With the pandemic looming around the official announcement is more likely to be delayed.

What Is the Plot of the Into the Night Season 2?

There might be a cure that could be found in the next season helping them to walk in the sun again. The passengers in the flight might be seen staring their life anew in the refugee centers which belong to NATO. We could also get to see any new survivors apart from our known group of members.

So we have to wait until there is any update from Netflix. Though it might be a month before we know anything. Till then you could watch the show which is streaming on Netflix. You’re going to like it for sure. The 83% rotten tomatoes score doesn’t lie.