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Instagram’s New Feature Will Help out Small Businesses During COVID -19. Read to Know More

The pandemic crisis that’s happening around the world surely has put a standstill human life. Due to this pandemic situation, many regions have already implemented lockdown and many are following this action.

While there are many sectors and industries that are being affected due to coronavirus, one section of business sector is severely been affected. The small business or startup companies. These businesses are being at the verge of closing down due to shortage in financial aid from their clients and sponsors. According to a survey, almost 7 million business are on the verge of shitting down.

How Instagram is helping businesses in this situation?

And to help with small businesses, your favourite social app is here to help them with your contribution. The photo sharing app, Instagram has added a new feature. Now, small businesses who have an account on Instagram, makes it easier for users to discover gift cards, can order online, deliveries. Companies can have their own stickers, where the users can tap on it , to enjoy their services.

Who all can use this Instagram feature?

As of now, this update is coming on April 15, 2020. Companies based in the USA and Canada can use this feature so that the customers can order their takeouts and deliveries. Instagram also said that in the coming weeks, they would rolled out this feature for the global business in the coming weeks.

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Fundraisers to be added soon

The Facebook owned app said in their post that they would carry out a fundraiser feature, where the businesses and companies can get financial aid on a personal level. And they are trying to implement this feature in Facebook in coming days.