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Instacart Worker Is Going on Strike Over Coronavirus Prevention

As corona cases continue to rise all over the world and everyone has been forced to stay in their homes there are still people belonging to essential services who are staying outside their home to fight with the coronavirus pandemic. One of these are the workers of Instacart a tech company that delivers groceries and other households which are planning to go on strike. Over 200,000 workers of the company have called a nationwide strike on Monday unless there demand of improved equipment to protect them from being infected and hazard pay are fulfiled by the company.

The workers in the company are independent contractors and they have flexible working hours and they usually work less than 10 hours daily. During the pandemic, more people are staying at home and are avoiding public place like market and thus relying more on grocery delivery services which have increased the risk for the workers of the company.

Gig Workers Collective an activist group which stands with the Instacart workers accused that the company is benefiting a lot in this period and all its profit comes from the workers who are risking their lives even during this difficult times. But the company has fully neglected them and has not provided them with effective protection, meaningful pay and meaningful benefits.

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The workers put forward their demands according to which company should provide the personal protection equipment, like hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, sprays and soap. Other demands include an increase of $5 on every order and also that the tip amount to be set at least 10 per cent of the total amount. They have demanded an increase in pay of the workers who are affected by the virus.

Though the company came out in its protection and has told that it took a number of measures for its worker. According to the company it has given hand sanitizer to its worker and it has extended the 14 days paid leave policy till May 8 for its worker who is affected by the virus. It sais it will offer bonus pay of $25 to $200 for the selected worker from March 15 through April 15.