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Inhaling Steam of Water With a MIX of Sea Salt and Orange Peels Cures Coronavirus: A Hoax?

The new rumor out there is that inhaling steam of a sea salt water and orange peel will help you prevent coronavirus.

This is absolutely false.

Steam may help you prevent the symptoms of the virus but it will not cure it. In many posts going around social media, people can be seen standing over boiling water filled with salt and orange peels as they inhale the steam. In some other posts other things have also been added. Variations of the videos have been seen around and one social media post read, “Steam Sea Salt and Orange peelings. Inhale the steam for 15 minutes. It is supposed to Prevent Corona Virus from entering the body. Seen it on social media and yes I’m doing it”

Doing so can help soothing mucus membranes or help you calm your throat but it cannot cure the coronavirus.

“A little warm moisture is not going to hurt these viruses,” he said. “People need to be very, very careful about this. You can have all kinds of misadventures if you are leaning over a pot of boiling water.”

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