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Indiana Jones 5: Release Date, Cast and Everything You Should Know!

James Mangold has seen success from Ford v. Ferrari and Logan. He is currently looking to direct Indiana Jones 5. The movie has been delayed yet again to around July 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic.

How will Indiana Jones 5 go about because of the pandemic?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the big movie and entertainment studios have shut down production. Their movie has been delayed and so has the production. For some, it was a couple of months or a year. But for Indiana Jones 5, it will now be around three years. Some projects have been delayed but some might be directly going to the streaming platforms.

Marvel has also pushed its production. Disney+ will get Artemis Fowl directly. Indiana Jones has been pushed back to July 29th, 2022 from 2021.


Who will be a part of the cast?

The upcoming Indiana Jones movie was announced back in 2016. There were some recasting rumors regarding Harrison Ford. Steven Spielberg is all set to come back in the series. The script was supposed to be written by David Koepp. Due to multiple delays, the film’s production had to be stopped. Harrison Ford had many commitments, especially with Star Wars. Jonathan Kasdan had to replace David Koepp.

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Mangold is still in between negotiations for directing the movie. If the deal gets fixed and Mangold becomes the director, Indiana Jones might turn out to be good. He has the experience and has made many successful movies.

Expectations with Indiana Jones 5

The first Indiana Jones movie became widely popular. It was considered as one of the best films ever made. The sequels were also received well by the audience. The last movie didn’t leave a good impression on the people and critics. Indiana Jones became a priority after Lucasfilm was purchased by good old Disney.

Harrison Ford is 77 right now, we all are concerned whether he will pull it off. But he is certainly committed to his movies. Let’s see whether the creators make good decisions or not. So far, they have made the right decisions.

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