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Increased Fan Following of Thor 4 : Love and Thunder : Release Date, Cast, Production and Expectations

Thor 4 is coming soon. Thor himself has seen a lot of success after he joined the cinema industry. Avengers and Thor, the whole series, have done incredibly well over the years. That is why the fourth instalment for Thor is on its way. Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnarok. That one turned out to be a superhit. That is why, he will be back to direct this one too.

When is Thor 4 releasing?

Here it is, the release date for one of the most awaited movies. Thor is ready to hit the cinemas on 5th November, 2021. Taika is also the manager and the writer for the movie. According to him, this one will be even more awesome and big.

Plot for Thor 4

This movie will be even more special because we are going to see Lady Thor. Jane Foster, in the comics, jumps in with her powers. This movie is going to be much bigger than the previous three. Hence, expectations are at the peak. Besides this, Lady Thor will be played by Natalie Portman. Whenever I think of her, Lonely Island comes to mind.

According to Taika, the movie will have a lot of emotion and will introduce Natalie Portman as Lady Thor.

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Who will be a part of the cast for Thor 4?

Thor will be played by Chris Hemsworth. I mean, who could play Thor better than him? Besides that, Natalie Portman will be playing the role of Jane Foster aka Lady Thor/Mighty Thor. Valkyrie will return and is being played by Tessa Thompson. Christian Bale is also said to have a role in the movie.

Besides this, Vin Diesel is also gonna be in the movie as Groot. Yeah, you read right. Guardians of the Galaxy or at least some of them might be in the movie. Also, Hulk and Loki might also be making a return. Korg, we all need a Korg in our lives but here, he might show up in the upcoming Thor.

However, there is not much news on the exact plot for the movie and more details on the cast. No trailer has been released yet.

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