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Amid of Lockdown in Colorado a Dog delivers groceries

The trained dog named Sundance also has another name Sunny is a trained dog who was fetched to the grocery shop to carry the grocery items for Renee. Every night this dog is used to this work for Renee.

During the days of quarantine the countries across the globe are a lockdown, the offices, cafes, public places are shut to control the spread of COVID-19. Whereas, only essential goods like medicines, groceries, fruits, and vegetables are available in the market.
During these crucial situations in Colorado, a pup made the headline as the pup was seen caring groceries to a neighbor at risk of COVID-19. According to a report a person named Renee Hellman is a patient of COPD and other diseases so because of weak immunity and health issues her neighbor Karen Eveleth helped her by sending her dog to the market.

The dog owner Karen says this dog is smart and a real hero. She came to know about the talent of her dog by testing the dog and then she found that the dog is very helpful and willing to help.

Even she couldn’t believe that so wonderfully her pet Sunny has completed the job, she says her dog is an extraordinary pet. For her the dog Sunny is special and without him, she can’t live. She likes it when quickly her dog runs to help those in need.

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She says her dog is doing this extraordinary task from a few weeks, so she has a hope that in this crucial time everyday Sunny brings a little more light in her world.
Her neighbor Renee is very thankful to Karen and her pet. She has fun all the time when she spends time with Karen’s pet Sunny. The message they both are giving to the world is that pets are very helpful and loyal in the tragic time, not only humans.