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‘I Will Spend More Time With My Family Before I Go To Jail.’ Says Felicity Huffman.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by CJ GUNTHER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10413276a) Actress Felicity Huffman (C-L) and her husband actor William H Macey (C-R) arrive at the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse for her sentencing in connection with the college admission scandal in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 13 September 2019. Felicity Huffman is involved in a nationwide scandal where a dozen of people are accused of being allegedly involved in admissions bribery. Felicity Huffman at Federal Courthouse in Boston, USA - 13 Sep 2019

Felicity Kendall Huffman is an American actress who was born on December 9,1962. She has received numerous accolades which includes Golden Globe award, A three screen Actors Guild awards and has also been nominated for an Oscar. Felicity got married to William H. Macy and she has 2 daughters.

On March 12, 2019, Felicity was arrested because she was found connected with college admission scandal. She was accused of paying $15,000 to the scam’s mastermind in order to boost her daughter’s SAT scores.


Felicity’s lawyers asked to not put her in jail and asked for one year of probation, 250 hours of community service and $20,000 fine.

Felicity apologised her daughters, husband and her loved ones. She said that she is deeply ashamed of what she has done and she said that she wants to apologise students who work hard everyday to get into college and to their parents who sacrifices so much for their children. She told everyone that she had a choice to make and she could’ve said no. She accepted her mistake and there are mo explanations or excuses to give now.

The scandal in which she was involved was a big one which had more than 30 parents. Huffman and Lori laughlin were the celeb parents in it.

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Now, after October 25th, Felicity would be sent to jail for 14 days. She is preparing herself for the punishment. The family has decided to spend time together until she leaves for jail. Her family is not able to accept her sentence and everybody is concerned about her mental state and safety.

Sources said that she must feel lucky to face such low level degree of punishment.

What she did is a mistake for everyone but she proved that a mother can cross any limits for her child. A mother’s love is pure and no other love can ever compare it.