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I Experienced a Change as a Womam on the Set of Game of Thrones : Maisie Williams, Know About Her Love Life

American and British TV series has seen a great exponential rise in the number of stars. Many new actors and actresses have tried their hand at these shows. Some of them have gone to utter obscurity. While some have become the biggest stars in the galaxy. Shows like Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Sex Education has given Hollywood some very famous names. One of them would definitely be Maisie Williams.

Who is Maisie Williams?

Game of Thrones was inarguably the greatest show in the history of episodic television. It’s popularity and fandom was completely unparalleled. Actors like Peter Dinklage, Lena Heady and Kit Harrington became among the biggest names in Hollywood today. Two actors who actually blossomed in that show and became global superstars were Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.

Maisie played the character of Arya Stark, one of the bravest and most important characters in the series. She was critically acclaimed for her performance all throughout the series. In addition to that she also had the distinctive achievement of killing the Night King. For a GOT nerd, that I guess is enough a hint about her popularity. She also appeared in shows like Doctor Who. Lending her voice to the animated series of Gen Lock was again her new venture into Hollywood.

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Her Experiences on the sets of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the place where Maisie literally spend almost half her childhood. She came onto the set as a 12 year old and went out as a 22 year old. Becoming a darling on the show, she befriended Sophie Turner, another young talent who is now a bona fide Hollywood star with blockbuster franchises under her belt. They became best friends off screen with their relation turning to sisterhood. Maisie in several interviews said that the bond she shared with people on the sets were incredible. She mentioned especially about her friendship with Sophie as the best relationship of her life.

Her Personal Love Life

Maisie is currently dating Rueben Selby. He is the owner of a contact agency, Cortex and Selby Brothers. One of the young successful entrepreneurs on the block, Rueben is making a name for himself. Maisie has been seen with him in many places and says she is in the happiest phase of her life. Both of them are deeply in love with each other. They were also seen together attending the wedding of Sophie Turner.