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Hyperdrive Season 2: Release Date, Cast and everything you should know if you are a fan of car racing!

Fans of movies like ‘Fast and Furious’ and games like ‘need for speed 7’ must have been felt at heaven after watching the first season of Hyperdrive on Netflix. So will the fans see another season of ‘Hyperdrive’ on Netflix or will it be cancelled ?

Release date

The first season of the Hyperdrive was aired on Netflix on 21st August,2019. The season 1 consisted of 10 episodes of average 50 minutes.

It’s been nearly half year since the first season was released but there is no announcement of the renewal of the show. But the fans need not to be disheartened as Netflix has been very enthusiastic about the show and it is most likely to bring back the breath captivating car racing reality show on the television.

We guess we will probably get to watch the second season in middle of 2020. But let’s just wait for the official announcement before assumptions.

What is it about ?

Chaize Theron and Aaron Catling have developed a non-scripted documentary reality show which they call the mixture of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Fast and Furious. The series is about 28 drivers from all over the world racing on the huge race track with various obstacles and defeating each other.

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For first season, the Race track was made in Rochester, New York where all the racers drove their personal modified cars in the race for championship.

After interview with Chaize Theron on the initial stage, the contestants are exposed to the row of different obstacles to pass. The show starts with 28 contestants, their number gets to 6 while beating each other and finally one who lasts is chosen as The Champion.


Chaize Theron and Aaron Catling are the producers of the series while Michael Bisping, Rutledge Wood, Lindsay Czarniak, and Mike Hill are the four rocking hosts of the Show.

Let’s hope to watch the Hyperdrive soon on Netflix.