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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Friendship You Need to Know

Archie and Jughead, Joey and Chandler, Willow and Buffy, Jake Peralta are some fictitious friends which are generally talked about. But in real life, it’s not necessary that those who are good friends for the camera are same behind the camera also. In Hollywood friendship can be fake, but true friendship help actors to remain grounded.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are the actors whose friendship and fake frenemy is famous in Hollywood. These two actors generally tease and troll each other on social media which help them to remain grounded and shows how deep their friendship is. If you have a look at the Twitter accounts of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman you could see their tweets to pull each other leg, it is same as brotherly ribbing.

How Did Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds First Meet?

They first came to know each other when Hugh and Ryan worked together on 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a movie in which Ryan played the role of Deadpool. Since then Ryan has made a lot of fun of the movie and also of Hugh for starring in it. After that, they became fake frenemy of each other. They both started to mock each other on social media. Whenever Hugh posted something on Twitter, Ryan gave an awful response to his Tweet. Hugh once posted a video of himself in which he was holding a cutout of Ryan’s face and suggested the visitor to pee on the section that holds Reynolds’ name in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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The Real Friendship Behind That They Have:

Although Ryan and Hugh pretend to hate each other in public the reality is completely different and in reality, two are a very close friend. Whenever they meet each other their friendship can be seen by the way they treat each other. They both frequently prank on each other and in friends prank is a common thing. When once Hugh posted a photo regarding his 24th marriage anniversary, Ryan quickly commented on the photo “it must be difficult to be married to Hugh”. They are also seen together in New York at Jackman’s coffee restaurant, Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, which show they love spending time together.