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How You Can Get Care Emoji on Facebook

Facebook has come up with many new set of emojis which are coming out on Facebook and Messenger apps and will be available on the web versions of Facebook for the 2.6 billion users. The emoji can be used by the users to express their love and care for their loved ones. According to Facebook, it will give people additional ways to express their support.

What are Emojis About?

Emojis is a way of communicating online with each other in a better way. As in online chatting, you are not able to see each other so emojis help you to explain your feeling to another person in a better way. Something written on Facebook can be easily taken wrongly by the other person so emojis help in smooth online discussions and people can signal their emotions through the emojis. Sometimes the emoji can become message itself.

What Is the Care Emoji:

The new emoji is called as care emoji and it can be used by the people to show caring and solidarity to the status update, message, photo or videos of their loved ones during the time of this global pandemic. For the basic Facebook service, the emoji looks like a yellow face-hugging a heart and for messenger app, it appears as a purplish heart which is continuously pulsating.

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According to the Facebook team, the emoji gives the message that “Even apart, we are in this together”. To use the emoji the users have to hold down the Like button on mobile apps. For the desktop version of the site, you have to hover over the Like button to use the emoji.

When Will Be The Facebook Care Emojis Available?

Facebook care emoji have slowly started rolling out. Many of the Facebook users have already started seeing the emoji but many are still there who will get the emoji latest by this week.