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How I Met Your Mother: Is Jason Segel Renovating Himself Every Details Inside

Source- Daily Mail

How I Met, Your Mother ended six years ago. Since then, the stars of the series have been trying to reinvent themselves. With Dispatches from Elsewhere, Jason Segel makes a big leap.

It’s not easy to re-establish yourself as an actor after the end of a long-running series, especially if it’s a top-rated series like How I Met Your Mother. But what does the character’s actor Jason Segel do?

For the actors of a successful series, the biggest test follows at the end of the story that made it famous. Jason Segel positioned himself early on as an all-round talent, not only in front of the camera but also behind it. As a screenwriter, he developed The Muppets. So far, he has not been able to start again.

Jason Segel declares Philadelphia a wonderland

You can expect a trip with fantastic elements. First, however, Dispatches from Elsewhere puts a certain Octavio ( Richard E. Grant ) in the picture, who introduces himself as head of the mysterious Jejune Institute and unreliable storyteller. He makes contact with the computer scientist Peter (Jason Segel), who leads a monotonous, bleak, downright wasted life in Philadelphia.

Routines dominate Peter’s everyday life, on the street, he is like an invisible. It is high time that he was torn out of this routine – and that is precisely what Octavio has set itself the task of. Then, head over heels, Peter stumbles into an adventure full of unexpected encounters and discoveries that not only let him see the city but also the people around him with entirely new eyes.

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The most important facts about Dispatches from Elsewhere

Dispatches from Elsewhere is based on the 2013 documentary The Institute, which tells of the Jejune Institute. Said Jejune Institute is the focus of an alternate reality game based in San Francisco. Jason Segel not only acts as the series’ creator but also works as the main actor, producer, screenwriter and director.