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How China has prevented itself from corona virus and the reason behind less positive cases

This deadly pandemic is increasing as the day passes by and it had affected more than 205 countries in total. Basically originated from China, this virus had caused huge losses to the people as well as the economy all over locations such as India, United States, Italy, Spain and many more. The count of people being infected from it is increasing continuously and it is becoming a major threat to all the people across the globe. The confirmed case of coronavirus has reached more than 12,000,000 with almost 67,260 deaths and 2,52,944 patients recovered. That’s a huge loss to the world.


The symptoms of being into the trap of this virus include mild fever with difficulty in breathing accompanied by continuous cough, fatigue, and severe headaches. The virus shows it’s symptoms generally within 14 days after the person is being infected.


To date, no specific medicine s available to fight against this pandemic. The whole world is trying it’s best to find a permanent solution to this which will surely take time and as a replacement, the doctors and researchers are more focused to find a solution to prevent this from spreading. However, the whole world is taking this pandemic as a very serious issue and thus, complete lockdown had been an announcement in various countries including India. This is meant to avoid social gatherings so that social distancing can be practiced as much as possible. This will prevent the virus from spreading and thus there is a hope that things will get better with time.

Mode of origin-

This pandemic had been originated from Wuhan in China in the month of December. It is believed that it was spread through bats, though transmission of the virus from animals to humans is not possible. So, the main reasons for the outbreak of this virus are yet unknown. Thus, in spite of looking at the cause, the world should focus on the treatment and the solution so that it can be prevented from spreading. China had recovered from this threat to a major extent and almost 80 percent of factories being operated in China reworking as normal. Here. are some steps that the whole world needs to follow as China did in the previous days.

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Safety measures which China took-

Being a highly populated country, China had it’s focused on maintaining social distancing as much as possible. The citizens of China avoided social gatherings to a major extent. They are yet not permitted to enter a building without a mask. An application was developed there which is used to record the temperature of the human body and it also shows whether the person had come into close contact with a virus-infected person. The green color in the app signifies everything to be fine.

The lifts in buildings are covered with plastic sheets which are changed every 2-3 hours. Each and every lane in China gad been converted into one way and the one family is allowed to visit the local mart only thrice a week which would avoid social gatherings. These are some precautionary measures adopted by China which should be implemented in our country as well.