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House Of The Dragon: Every Facts And Details You Should Know

The air has been filled with excitement since HBO has declared a prequel to the Games of Thrones and fans are in all jitters. House of dragon will be totally different consisting of the history of House Targaryen. Since the fans are waiting for the more intricate details there are some facts that you should know.

It will debut in 2022.

At the TCA’s, HBO programming president said that House of Dragon would arrive in about 2 years and added that the creative team had started writing.

It will be based on the George R. R. Martin book Fire & Blood.

The show is apparently based on another unfinished book by the author, George RR Martin and will give a detail into how the House Targaryen established its reign.

The show is still in its very early stage so there is no concrete structure to it but there will be around 10 episodes just like the Games of Thrones series. The series is expected to start from Aegon Targaryen’s conquest and may also consist a brief of when Aegon 1 has come to Westeros.

One should not expect to see any familiar faces from the GOT series as The House of Dragon takes place 300 years before the Song of Ice and Fire. And moving on to the actual cast of the series, the makers have not revealed anything as of yet.

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Famed GoT director Miguel Sapochnik will direct some episodes.

While he works as the co-showrunner, he will direct the first epidose along with a few other episodes.

The show may take us back to some of Game of Thrones’ shooting locations.

The series might revisit some of the old locations like Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, Croatia, Malta, Morocco, and Spain.