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House of Dragon – Game of Thrones Prequel update.

Since the last episode of game of thrones , fans are waiting for the prequels of the show. The game of thrones show outrun the George Martin’s book series and many fans are rather disappointed with how it ended.

After cancellation of one spin off , House of Dragon will be the only happening prequel as for now.

When will House Of Dragon release ?

HBO head has announced in January that we might get to watch the show in 2022. Though fixed date has not been announced yet. According to the sources, the production is started and writers are working on the script.

What will be the plot of series ?

The name ‘House of dragon’ itself suggests the story. It is rumoured that the story will be based on the another book by George Martin – ‘Fire and Blood’ . It tells the detailed history of the Targaryen family set in 300 years before the story of Game of Thrones.
As it dates exactly 300 years back, we might watch Ageon Targaryen (The Conqueror) flying to the westeros with his mighty dragon and two sister-wives.

The show might also feature the famous ‘Dance Of Dragons – The Targaryen Civil War’. The show will focus on the conquests of Ageon Targaryen and how he became the kind of seven kingdoms.

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Makers of The series

George Martin will be on the team of producers. He will be writing the series with Jane Goldman. Ryan condal and Miguel Saphonick will be co-runners of the show. Miguel directed blockbuster episodes in Game of Thrones like ‘Battle of Bastards’. He will be directing the Pilot episode and other (unnumbered) episodes in House of Dragon.

Cast details

Though the writing is in progress , casting has not started yet. We won’t be seeing any of the actors from game of thrones as the story is set 300 years before. Knight king and forest children might be making it to the screen. We will be seeing Balerion- The Black Dread whose skull we saw in Dungeon of the King’s Landing.

How many season will be there ?

George Martin has stated that content of novel ‘Fire and Blood’ is enough for many seasons. 8 episodes are to be aired for sure. NOW TV and Sky Atlantic will be airing the series with HBO.