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House of Cards Season 7 Cast and Expected Release Date

House of Cards is an American political and thriller web series. Beau William is the creator of this thriller series. This series is based on the novel, named, House of Cards. The writer of the novel is Michael Dobbs.

Will there be House of Cards Season 7?

It is confirmed that there will not be season 7 of House of Cards. Netflix announced that season 6 is the end of the series. As a result, season 6 of House of Cards is the last season of the series. However, all six seasons are now streaming on Netflix. This series is the Netflix originals. Season 6 of House of Cards consists of eight episodes. House of Cards series was the first original of Netflix. And, after season, this series came to an end. So, there is no hope for season 7 of House of Cards.

Facts about House of Cards series :

The series, House of Cards Season 1, premiered in February 2013. The second season aired in the following season. Further, In the year 2015, the third season released. In the following year, the fourth season aired. Further, the fifth season premiered in the year 2017.  The season 1 became more famous and renewed for the second season. However, the last season, season 6, aired in the month of November 2018. This season made fans more happy and enjoyable. This whole series depends on the political family. The series contained a politician, named Frank Underwood and his  Claire Underwood. This politician tries to control and dominate the people.

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Additionally, the House of Cards series nominated many awards and won many of them. This series grabbed 33 Primetime Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and many more. The show became very popular. This series is the most-watched series on Netflix. It receives an immensely positive response form the millions of fans. The producers of the series changed their leading character in season 6. So, they made the story of season 6 in a very different manner. The biggest change was Claire Underwood became the president of the United States.

But, Claire Underwood faces many difficulties as president. Annette and Bill Shepherd try to threaten her inside and outside the Black House.

What is the reason for ending the series, House of Cards?

The leading character of the series, named, Kevin Spacey, was alleged under the sexual assault. As a result, the actor has to forcefully go out of the series. Also, it was confirmed that the actor, Kevin Spacey, harassed Anthony Rapp sexually. So, moving out of Kevin Spacey the main reason for ending of the series, House of Cards.