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Homeworld 3 Release Date, Story, Gameplay and Update

Games are without a doubt is an important part of life and since the pandemic, it’s more of a necessity. So, there are plenty of games to play but let’s just talk one of them which has recently caught our attention.

It seems that “Homeworld 3” is finally going to come after waiting for its die-hard fans for about 17 years. The creators have recently announced about the work which is going on.

It’s Going to Come at Last

For those who never heard about this game, it’s a real-time strategy game where we basically make sure that our mothership remains secure and able to gather more and more resources to make sure that we will be able to win.

Gearbox, The company who was behind the famous gaming series “Borderlands” was the one who created the game and even though they were able to revisit the game couple of times still fans want a whole new series.

The company has confirmed that the upcoming game in the series is going to be released in 2022 which means a pretty long wait and the fact that the pandemic is still on the go which could lead to the fact of rescheduling the whole gaming series.

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The story for the upcoming gaming series is somehow blurry but we can expect a more detailed story which will explain more towards the fact that game is going to work more on the single character and this time-space adventure is going to be more interesting.

The gameplay of the gaming series has been revealed and it’s pretty amazing with swift controls and the spaceships fighting each other for their existence in the universe. A perfect RPG for those who are more than just interested in space opera.

Homeworld 3 What to Expect??

The trailer of the gaming series has been revealed and the way the trailer is showing the game if that’s what it actually looks like then we really don’t need to worry about a thing.