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Homeland Season 9 Confirmed or Canceled Will Fans Be Getting the New Season Again

Channel 4 has been the home for some of the finest contents in Television History. Starting from light minded dramas to heart wrenching thrillers, we have seen it all here. One of the flagship events on Channel 4 was Homeland. Since it’s inception in 2011 it has been one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed TV series. Although it has been no Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, it has maintained a standard throughout. Through its intense story telling it has been able to keep its loyal fans intact throughout the period. Now the TV series has finally come to a close. Here are some information that you might find interesting about the concerned show.

Homeland: Will there be Season 9?

No. It has been definitively confirmed that Season 8 for the show was the last one. Finale of the last season ended on an intriguing note. With an open ended conclusion fans thought that there might be a new season renewed for the show. But the creators of the show have confirmed otherwise. They said that Never Say Never might be the best policy while directing a Spy thriller. However the end had left them satisfied. It was also in complete sync with their ideas and perceptions about the show. Thus it is highly unlikely that there will be a new season. But this news had truly dampened some amount of hope for the legions of its fans all across the globe.

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Homeland: Plot for Season 8 and how it ended?

In Season 8 of the show, we saw the ultimate fate for the protagonist character. Carrie was given the task to assassinate her mentor Saul Berenson. It was imperative that she performed the task for her own survival. This spy thriller really dived into the professional and personal life of the secret agent. However we say that Carrie did not perform the task. In the end she was seen residing in Russia. She had taken refuge there along with another agent. Creators of the show confirmed via interviews that the story had ended along the expected lines and on a cliffhanger. That’s how they had predicted the plotline to move.

Homeland: Cast Details

The principal character of the show was that of Carrie Mathison. Claire Danes portrayed the role on screen. Along with that there were also actors like Mandy Patinkin, Morena Baccarin and Damian Lewis.